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Social Responsibility
It is an endeavor of the organization to contribute actively in overall development of our people and society. Small steps are taken to ensure this payback to our society.
The educational fee is fully covered by EM Electro Mechanicals Private limited for of 6 students. This is an ongoing program. The children are selected on merit -cum means basis. The selection process is independent and insulated from the company. The benefits are transmitted without compromising on the self esteem of the beneficiaries.
EM Electro Mechanicals Private limited is a substantial contributor to Sapna School. Office expenses in terms of stationery, computer accessories are fully covered. All attempts is made to meet most of incidental requirements. A school set up by parents of a child with special needs. When the parents found no venue to educate their child. BHEL provides major support to this school by providing infrastructure needs, expansion requirements day to day working and making the school self sustaining by procurement of Greeting cards produced by them. The school now has over 35 children.
The factory has invested substantially for water harvesting. Roof water after filtration is fed underground. This has given good results.
Consulting is provided to all connected to quit tobacco in any form. The entire premise is tobacco free. It is not the forcing of the rule that is considered important. The education of its effects and perseverance has resulted in our team quitting the habit. All members to quit tobacco - In factory and at home- is the target And this number is growing.
Every person is encouraged to educate their children. At times, they are insisted upon that each child must essentially complete 16 years of formal education. All help is extended by the company.
There has been a large reduction in Occupational injuries after detailed counseling with all members and with the acceptance to wear helmets in the factory. Steady change of habits to observe safety norms are maintained.
Every employee is encouraged and directed to wear helmet while riding a two wheeler and seatbelts while seated in a car.