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We are manufacturing Roller for Vibratory asphalt & Soil Compactors. Its has Diameter from 600 Dia to 3200 Dia & thickness from 12mm to 40mm. EM Electro-Mechanicals has capacity to roll bend 50 mm X 3200 mm plates. With extensive machining capabilities that are available with them they can manufacture the largest vibratory compactor roller drum. Their customer base includes all manufacturers of Soil and Asphalt Compacting machines manufacturer and few customers in European Union. Static rollers depend on the weight of the machine to generate the forces required to compress materials. Vibratory Rollers on the other hand, introduce a dynamic force that helps to generate a high compaction effect with far less effort at far less cost. This dynamic force is created by rotating an eccentric shaft inside high tensile steel compacting drum. This develops a reciprocating force that is of a magnitude that it lifts and drops the heavy steel drum as it moves through its cycle. This cycle repeats itself from 20 to 75 times per second, depending upon the design, as the machine moves across the material surface. These dynamic forces typically increase the compacting force many times the actual weight of the drum. It also helps to rearrange the material particles for a denser fit. Drums made by EM Electro-Mechanicals have been in use since year 1996 with repeated orders from same customers. This is a testimonial to the quality of Fabrication and Engineering.
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