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Earthonite is a unique solution for electrical engineers to achieve stable, permanent an low resistance earthing pits , even in difficult to achieve ground conditions, when used as a back fill to enhance the effects of earth rods or electrodes.

Specifically formulated and manufactured for the definite needs of earthing industry.

Dark Grey in color and of granular consistency, Earthonite earthing replaces traditional sand and aggregate materials from concrete The Mix ratio should be 3 parts of excel to 1 part of cement and add water 1 liter to this mixture of 4 Kg. Specially use full where the lo resistance and high permitivity to smaller voltages are desired such as telecommunication, Railways and protection circuits.
Earthonite the benefits:
Low resistivity : Provides & maintain a stable low electrical resistance path to ground soil, sphere, does not nesseciate any periodical allcnhon for this.
Versatile : Suits most ground conditions and gives a permanent , solid structure which is not prone to shrinking,drying out or being washed away.
Cost effective : Permanent solution which does not need removal or replace or maintain periodically with additional water/ salts in order to maintain the desired earth resistance.
Chemically inert : It is inert and non corrosive to steel / copper , does not attack chemically to cement structures and has a pH value near neutral.
Easy to use : Form a concrete / mortar like material , easy to pour or cast, no need to wait or return to test.
Use instructions:
Dig / bore a pit of desired size and depth through the soil layers.
Pour the mix of Earthonite compound and cement added with water in the cavity.
3. Insert the electrode to the desired depth.
Let the pit cure for 72 hrs and is ready to use.
It is advisable to create an earth pit with cover to protect from damage.
6. It is advisable to use copper coated iron earth electrode for a better performance.