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Manufacturing Capabilities
We have vided capacity available in shop and neighboring areas. Our capacity in various activities is as under: -
Surface Preparation
Installed Capacity
Machining Capabilities
Forming: Thickness up to 63 mm can be bent and rolled in length up to 2500 mm. higher thickness can be formed in shorter length.
Manufacturing: We have a large shop floor area totally covered by Cranes with maximum lifting capacity of 60 M.T. The total area under the crane presently is 1,56,000 sq. feet. With the expansion that is to be completed by December 2012, the area will be increased to 1,74,000 sq. feet.
Testing: Material testing facilities of Chemical hardness tensile, microscopic are available. Non-Destructive tests liquid penetration, Ultrasonic crack detection, Radiography also available. Pressure testing (Pneumatic, hydraulic or oil) is done at required pressure. Facilities available for recording deformation permanent or temporary during pressure testing. Paint film thickness and adhesion test also conducted.
Surface Preparation: Prior to surface treatment the surface is Degreased, Pickled or shot blasted as required by the customer and the facilities are available for such activities.
Installed Capacity: We have an installed capacity of over 10,000 MT per annum.
Machining Capabilities: There is extensive machining capabilities exist within the unit. Lathes, 2200 mm dia, 8000 mm long, Horizontal borer with 135 mm spindle, Vertical milling, and other machines makes the shop very versatile to manufacture an vide range of products. Make a Link Machining Capabilities