Transformer Components
Oil Storage Tanks
Components of Hydro Turbines
Oil Filters
Abrasion Resistant Products
Machining Capabilities
Facing 4 Mts. X 2.5 Mts.
Highslide JS
Bending Machine
Boring Machine
Drilling Machine 1
Drilling Machine 2
Horizontal Welding Machine
Lathe Machine 1
Lathe Machine 2
Milling Machine 1
Milling Machine 2
New CNC 1
New CNC 2
Plano Miller Machine
Roll Bending Machine
Shot Blasting 1
Shot Blasting 2
Vertical Welding Machine
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Roll Bending Machine 3 Mts. X 32 MM Thick.
Lathe Machine can handle 550 MM X 2500 Dia and 3100 MM X 1270 Dia.
Vertical Welding capability.
Horizontal Boring 1 Mt. X 1 Mt.
Shot Blasting (Shortly two units would be simultaneously working).
Pressure Testing.
Paint Shop in Unit I and Unit II.
Qualified Welders of SS with MS. SS with SS of all grades.
Captive and integral shot blasting plant. Quantum jump in surface preparation as compared to sand blasting.
CNC Bending machine 16 mm X 3500 mm.
CNC rolling machine 50 mm X 3200 mm Curved bodies will not have a joint at 2500, the maximum facility available presently. Erected and commissioned.
Additional paint booth in II unit. Erected and commissioned.
NEW CNC Plasma Cutting Machine: - 4500 mm x 15000 mm capacity in stainless steel is 50 mm.